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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
GT-R fanboys seem to forget about cars like the z06 and ZR1 that have no double clutch tech, or AWD, yet are still faster.

The naive posts never cease to amaze me, especially when cars like the AMS evo has been pulling these types of feats for almost 10 years now, with a smaller engine and less engineering!!
are you sure? Cause i remember lapping about 5 Z06's and a ZR1 a few months back with speed ventures lol. I dont think they forgot it either. They are still whining about it lol.

Im tired of being put in unlimited class with a bone stock car and street tires lol!

Its not fanboys. There are 2 stereotypes of members on M3post.

A: Those who own one e92 M3 and nothing else. Hate just about every other car other than the M3, but in reality is probably all they can afford.

B: Those of us who have M3's along with our other toys.
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