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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
So? I was just answering your question. Heck the 3 series and 5 series have "roughly the same interior space" too. Who the hell cares about interior space in a sports coupe? You are just grabbing at anything you can to criticize. How 'bout just go enjoy your RS4 and stop the hate parade?
The BMW M3 didn't need to be bigger/longer. Who drives spritedly with 4 people in the car...? Or track their car with 2 people in the back seat..?

2 sets of gold clubs is all the car needs to hold and just enough room for 2 adults in the back seat for a short rides. Your not going to tour or go on vacation with 4 adults in a M3.

Why cars get heavier and bigger is because they choose not to be leaders. Making a smaller M3 that would be 200lbs lighter with a cf hood and deck or fiberglass would've been better.

YES, the new //M3 is remarkable, but it's too heavy to be what it's trying to be; A Porsche..!

Not to mention the sh!tty interior. I'll just have to wait it out and test drive one. But knowing they will be releasing a DFI version soon will deter ALOT of potential buyers anyways. dumb!

It's just upsetting to know that it could've been better, ie smaller, lighter.