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Originally Posted by daltb View Post
I own a 2003 m3. Recently I installed new tires, tires of the exact size as the former. Now my loww tire pressure indicator light will not go out.

the following are the steps i have taken to eliminate this problem
  • Pressed the reset button, it goes off and then on again
  • Pressed the reset button when car was in motion no result
  • pressed the reset buttom when car was stopped no result
  • turned the key to the number 2 position pressed the reset button no result
  • disconnected the battery over the winter then reconnected and pressed reset button, no result
    • waived a dead chicken over my head while chanting Joan Biaz songs no result

    now this is an enthusiast car owed by enthusiasts do you think hard core car people know how to use a hand held tire pressure guage.... yes.... why then do they install an item that is pure aggravation

    Does anyone know how to solve this issue or has anyone had a similar problem

    thankx to all for your help
Low pressure is determined by change/difference in rotational speed on the E46 M3s.

You should be able to Start the car and hold the Tire Reset for 2-3 seconds. I can't remember if you hold until it extinguishes or whether it extinguishes after you release. You should plan to drive right away for a while (I am assuming to "lock" in wheel speed. Make sure you have checked your pressures and set according to manual or door.

The above procedure has worked for me. If that don't work, I'd just ignore until your next dealer visit.