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Angry Pot Hole Cracked Wheel In Half...

This happened a while ago, and i keep hearing how hard or almost impossible it is to get money from your county/town, but im still pissed and want to hear any input you guys have.

Quick rundown....

I had a set of 20" Iconz wheels on my car, im driving on a main street in my town (40mph speed limit). I hit what i call a pot hole, it is technically a man hole that the edges started to concave in. It is deceiving and it had a pretty hard dip to it. I hit it and instantly i feel my tire go flat, so i pull onto the first side street. I think its just a flat. While im on the phone with the local tow truck company, my girlfriend waves me over and tells me my wheel is cracked. Sure enough, i can see a long crack down the length of the wheel. I did get a police report for this incident at the scene.

The road is a county road, and i was even told by a family friend lawyer that im probably not gonna get anything from the county. I was planning on selling these wheels, as the car also came with a set of black wheels which i have on now and prefer them. Now its gonna be hard to sell a set of 3 which the buyer would have to go to Iconz to custom make another wheel.

Has anyone had or have heard of issues with people getting money from the county for something similar? A couple people said i should just call Iconz; that the wheel should not crack like that and that it is unsafe. (also note, im not the first owner of these wheels)

What is the best thing to do? Keep trying to go after the county? Try to get Iconz to give me a replacement?

Below are pictures of the wheel, first pic is when i noticed the wheel was cracked while i was on the side street. Rest are after i went to pick up my wheels from the shop.