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Originally Posted by hieu1004 View Post
What's your reason for selling it? The reasoning is hard to decipher from your post.
You mention gas money and MPG, so I am assuming you want a better car for fuel efficiency, yet you mention you might decide to get another M3? That doesn't make sense.

If you can afford it, perhaps get a second car to drive around in? A hoopty? Do you own the M3 outright? Just take into consideration the cost of selling and buying another vehicle so you don't make a mistake.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
not a $$$$$$$$$ issue... basically driving it every will stack up on miles... 30k a year... well almost 30k a year... and i cant have a 2nd car due to parking space... but driving almost 70 miles one way in an m3 came to realized its not practical end up spending 600-700 on gas a month.. i think ill save and get the new M3 with DCT so my wife can drive since she only works 10 miles away...

I was just curious to those who sold the M3 what did they get after, how did they feel about it.. hope this doesnt turn in into a $$$$$$$$$ issue...