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sorry, can't back up my statements about 60-130, I saw some info a while back, but can't pull up legit number. If memory serves me correct, 996t does 60-130mph in about 10.4, and bmw m6 does it in 10.3(M3? not sure, didn't look, but i think over 11). I have yet to see a bolt on m3 take out stock m6 on a roll.
I'm with you buddy, and really wish my car was faster than what it is (and it feels like a very fast car), but reallity of it is that a 10-11 year old porsche will kick our ass. My car also has HFC, xpipe tune, afe scoops, filter... but those things don't add that much power. Some days I wish I went with Z06 instead.... but the reality of it is, there is always a faster car! I come from 09 STI (and before mazdaspeed3), with over 400hp, and back then I was in one class of cars, now i'm in another class of cars... you get a z06, you will be in another class of cars, so on and so forth. M3 is in a weird class, cause a bolt on evo will take it, and cars in the same class can prob take it (mod for mod), but where M3 shines is on the track! It is not a straight line car, so it's pointless to race someone.... fast cars are faster, and slow cars, well, you can only be so proud about beating a civic.

let's list bolt-on cars that can beat bolt-on m3, who are a class lower or in the same class: *bolt on: exhaust, intake, tune....
camaro SS
C6ls2/ls3 (will beat it stock)
... I'm sure there's plenty to add.

However, I will beat all those cars around the track (well, LS3 C6 maybe hard).