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Originally Posted by JB4135 View Post
Pretty cocky for a newbie Rossi. I love seeing the look on an M3 drivers face every time they wanna run yet another 135i then all they see is my rear tail lights disappearing right in front of there eyes. It's quite rewarding.
I would be pissed too if I owned an M3 and the 1M comes along as a better package at a fraction of the price and outdoes your car in everyway.

N54 FTW!!!
I think in the last few weeks a boosted R33 GTR beat me, a boosted 180sx beat me and a new evo beat me. I should probably go out and buy one now. Those cars are better then the M3 in every way. Im pretty pissed i wasted so much money on the M3 when i cant even keep up with these 3 great cars

On another note, I saw a guy driving his 135 to work today. Well i thought he worked at the same place as me, but turns out he was just dropping his boyfriend off.....First time i seen 2 guys kiss in public.....

135, what a great car!