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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
Question for DCT track junkies: do you upshift mid-corner using S6 mode.

Let me elaborate my question. Using MDM and S5 in a straight line, I can clearly feel the "surge" on upshifts. However, I found that when I upshift mid-corner the DCT seems to read the conditions (i.e. lateral acceleration) and does a butter smooth upshift as to not upset the car. I found this extremely useful, as you can always maximize the power band regardless of the car's cornering attitude.

So does the DCT behave the same way in S6 (obviously with DSC off )?

I have yet to find a corner where I can try this out safely. I do not want to spin at 100mph...

I did , but couldn't find...
I do upshift in corners usually from the apex out on corner exit from 3-4 or 4-5 not on a 2-3 shift as it will chirp the tires in a straight line so I would imagine it would upset the car.The 2 places that I do this that I can think of where I do this is exiting the Esses at Watkins Glen coming onto the straight where it is a 4-5 shift and Corner 5 and Corner 3 at Mosport where I do a 3-4 shift while the car still has a lot of cornering load on it with no issues from the shift.I run with all the nannies turned off in S6.

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