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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
Nice find -- that was definitely a warm up lap, a hot lap and a cool down lap ... about the right amount for stock brakes not to fail. I'm sure they upgraded the fluid and pads.
He's got wicked follow thru 9 = pro driver balls
That's fast -- I did not have the same luck in my e90m3 at 3700 lbs with fuel and driver, AP BBK with mild race pads... I boiled the fluid = Motul 600. It was a bad day for me at 1:48
My biggest issue that day was handling/weight transition (corkscrew and 9) .. lost all the time there.
I am inclined to believe that MotorTrend does these Laguna Seca tests using completely stock cars, including stock tires and brakes. Why? Well, if they were upgrading the brakes with track pads and fluids they would not be reporting brake fade in less than 1 lap for the 1M!

MotorTrend on the 1M: "Still, the brakes faded every time you really got on it. Especially on the track, where the stoppers felt good for less than a lap. This is surprising considering they're the same discs as on the M3, but we think we had to use them more frequently because of the car's unsorted behavior. Randy found that getting on the middle pedal in a hurry would exacerbate the 1M's constant understeering. Moreover, the brakes warped badly during our canyon run, the only car here to fail in any way."

Also, I know they made a big to-do over the Corvette's factory optional race-spec tires when the Corvette was the fastest around Laguna Seca. Thus, I think they test with the tires that arrive on the car.

I am impressed though that the MotorTrend pro-driver sets his lap times with minimal seat time (maybe 30 minutes/10 laps?) in cars he has never driven before. In my personal car -- a 2006 Evo IX MR with just DTC60 pads and stock diameter R-S3 tires -- it took me six HPDE days at Laguna Seca before I matched the MotorTrend pro time of 1:47.9.