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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
So....... I received a number of PM's recommending MRF engineering for a performance alignment. I researched MRF on the forums and it became pretty apparent that they had a good reputation. Now after having gone to MRF, I can see exactly why its reputation is as good as it is.

Malek at MRF, has to be the most detail oriented person I've ever met, and when it comes to my car, and for a person as detail-oriented as me, there's no better compliment I can give. First he spends time getting to know the kind of driver you are, asking directed questions that give him insight into your driving habits and preferences. Then after figuring out settings best-suited for me and my needs, he spent almost 2 hours calibrating my toe, and camber, as well as wheel alignment. He went so far as to have me sit in the driver's seat and have me place the wheel at what I considered to be center - the idea being that every person's idea of "center" is slightly different, and that as a result the alignment should be tailored to that person's perception. A very nice touch, if I do say so myself. Every figure was double-checked or triple checked for precision.

By itself, that would have been enough to earn my business, but Malek also took an extra 45 minutes or so helping me with a few items entirely unrelated to my alignment, including making some fine-tune adjustments to my suspension settings (which anyone who has clubsports knows requires getting your car up on the racks, and taking the lining off of the trunk), and adjusting the tips on my akra exhaust.

When it was all said and done, the car drove more precisely and aggressively than ever before. And of course, when I placed the wheel at dead center and took my hands off, the car drove in a perfectly straight line with no deviation - exactly the way that it should do. Camber was set perfectly. Toe was set perfectly.

Did i mention he did all of that for $85? Unbelievable.

The shop is located in Lake Forest/Irvine, so definitely worth a check out for people in Orange County. A major thank you to Malek @ MRF Engineering for all the hard work.

- esquire

i cant agree anymore, i personally took my moms e46 to MRF for just a normal alignment, and in the process, we talked about my own car (09 m3) and he definately takes time to understand what your using the car for and recomends the RIGHT parts, not just the most expensive parts just to make a buck, Malek seems to be a pretty cool dude, and its hard to find a good shop that u can trust, especially when their working on your $70k+ machine. i will be visiting this shop soon to have my car lowered on HR springs and possibly new wheels
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