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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
modded or not, 997tt will kill m3.

I have very hard time believing you beat a 996tt (just look up 60-120mph times for both cars, and it's clear)... forget about it if it's modded, it will just rape anything on the road... very, very mod friendly. I was looking at getting one, and there was this tuner that offered to redo the turbo's ($3k) plus a chip, CAI and exhaust puts you over 600hp and insane torque.
I was waiting for this type of reply, that was the reason why I had a second race with another 996tt owner that claimed BS and guess what same outcome. as I stated before in a previous post until you do this race for yourself don't just look at numbers in a magazine and claim BS. I do agree very mod friendly. I'll be sure to make a vid next time around also please post 60-120 times for each car.
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