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Originally Posted by yyoo View Post
Not to resurrect a dead horse, but...

Here's the video of Randy Pobst's 1:42.96 lap:

Sounds like crappy street tires to me. Brakes? Who knows? But he didn't seem to be be doing a lot of braking.

I did a 1:45.86 in a very heavy (3975 pounds w/driver) e90 M3 on stock suspension and street tires (albeit good ones - RS3s) at Laguna on Monday on a pretty sloppy lap. So I can definitely believe someone like Pobst could pull a 1:42.96 with a bone stock E92 M3 (probably 200+ pounds lighter than my car).
Nice find -- that was definitely a warm up lap, a hot lap and a cool down lap ... about the right amount for stock brakes not to fail. I'm sure they upgraded the fluid and pads.
He's got wicked follow thru 9 = pro driver balls
That's fast -- I did not have the same luck in my e90m3 at 3700 lbs with fuel and driver, AP BBK with mild race pads... I boiled the fluid = Motul 600. It was a bad day for me at 1:48
My biggest issue that day was handling/weight transition (corkscrew and 9) .. lost all the time there.