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Originally Posted by M3ryder55 View Post
your missing the point and i see your rocking their wheels so I'm not gonna hate, you got to defend your investment and I understand. What is wrong with it, is they make their offset and fitments look much more aggressive than they really are. And since they already have a track record, that does not fly well with me.

if adv edited those pics, wheels would look flush and car would be dumped. but their not and we can clearly see their rims are not nearly as aggressive as advertised. i don't mean to piss any of you fan boys off so i'll let it be at that take it how u want to.

now check out these adv edited images;

the e90 is dumped in the pictures, in fact the third picture is ridiculous.. go to page 2 and watch the video of the car, the car is atleast an inch and half higher all around, and they even went as far as to edit out the orange reflectors.. Not like that matters but one of the most important determinants in buying a wheel for me is fitment aside from quality.
We have never altered the offsets of any of our cars via photoshop. We don't even lower them that often. There are a few cases where we will receive photos with the car on stock suspension and that is where we will lower it, but we don't make our wheels any more aggressive in photos.

Also, to add to that, we have multiple photographers across the world that do their own editing. We almost never touch what they send to us other than to slap the logos on them.