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Originally Posted by Stallion150 View Post
very nice man! I hadn't really considered yellow before on a car, but yours looks sweet.
When i was a kid, maybe around the time when I was 16, I would read all the amazing magazine review about the e36 M3. I vividly remember seeing pics of the car in yellow and thinking "that's the color I want." I dreamed of owning one. Somehow, I managed to talk my dad into getting one. But my young powers of persuasion weren't enough to get him to go with Dakar Yellow. He got Hellrot Red instead (which is still a pretty damn amazing color). But I told myself, that when my turn comes, I would make sure that my M3 was in Dakar.

Childhood dream : accomplished.

Originally Posted by Pauldramos View Post
Awesome Ride!!! I dig the yellow.
Thanks Paul.

Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
+1 on The R's Tuning
I've heard good things about R's Tuning too. But as you see above, I decided to go with MRF. Very pleased with the results.

Originally Posted by pedrobot View Post
Red is the faster color!!!

Awesome ride!
That's true, I've heard red shaves off about 2 seconds on the quarter mile. On the flip side though, I've heard red cars get no chicks. Lol. Jk.

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post

btw i noticed ur new sig pic's a lil too big, it cuts off,
so i made 1 thas a better size along w/ a reflector delete:
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Thanks for the photochop man. I want to use it as my sig, but I just can't do it in good conscience. Not til my reflectors are actually matched. Until then, I have to do the honorable thing and have my sig reflect the way my car really looks - mismatched. lol. ugh.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Will be posting pics of my M-stitched DCT and e-brake boots very soon.

- esquire

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