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Thumbs up M-World Presents: New KW Clubsport 3-Way for M3/1M

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M-World Presents: KW Clubsport 3-Way for M3/1M
Championship-winning performance for daily drivers

M-World is pleased work in partnership with KW to install and review one of the first available 3-way kits in the world. Based on the championship-winning Competition 3-way, the Clubsport 3-way is a brand new line of coil over with near-stock ride quality on the street and Clubsport level performance on the race track.

What the hell is 3-way?
The Clubsport 2-way provides independent rebound and low-speed compression adjustments. The 3-way adds high-speed compression adjustments.

On the street, the ride is much improved especially in cities with poor road conditions. The ability to significantly tone down the damping curve allows the car to ride very comfortably over large road imperfections such as potholes.

On the track, 3-way offers enhanced stability and platform control over large bumps and curbstones, offering advanced drivers total control of the chassis.

How are adjustments made?
All damping adjustments are made using adjustment wheels. Rebound (18 clicks) is adjusted at the top of the shaft. Low-speed (7 clicks) and high-speed (14 clicks) compression are adjusted on the piggyback reservoir. Each click is clear and distinct. All changes can be easily made on the ground without taking any wheels off.

How is the ride comfort on the street?
We had Clubsport 2-way on the M3 prior to installation so we had an immediate baseline to compare against the 3-way. On the streets, with high-speed compression on softest setting, the car is now able to ride through large road imperfections very smoothly. The damper is able to completely absorb the impact without upsetting the chassis of the car. The ride quality is excellent and not unlike stock suspension.

How is it on the track?
We will be there shortly. Stay tuned.

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