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Originally Posted by clar View Post
I have always fancied V8 Ferraris, but the look of the 458 just doesn't gel with me. It kinda reminds me of a gecko, not the most flattering looking animal around No argument about its capability though. It's not looking good for me, as the newer Ferraris are getting uglier. Look at the California and FF!! I suspect Chris Bangle is secretly behind those atrocities.

I agree. I'm not convinced by the 458 looks, especially from the rear, and yes, the California and FF are just..... hmmmmmmm........

I think the new F12 berlinetta is OK, but it kinda looks like what I would expect the next iteration of the Toyota Supra to look like. The rear end, looks something resembling a baboon's arse, unfortunately...

Having said that, I would gladly drive one....

(740 horsepower forgives a lot of transgressions, LOL )
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