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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
I wouldn't mind running a stock 996 turbo. I don't doubt that the turbo would still be faster, but from a roll it would be a pretty decent run.
Thats why I asked, I raced two stock 996 turbo from a roll 70mph up and had the advantage on them from those speeds (this was before my cat delete and flash), from a dig the 996 is faster. 997 turbo from a roll or dig the M3 will lose, modded 996/997 turbo forget about it. have not had the oppertunity to run one after my cat delete and tune, one of the 996 owner could not beleive he got beat and started modding shortly after the run; so far he has a Fabspeed exhaust with hiflo cats and K/N filter, I drove the car after the bolt-on and there is very noticable difference in power, he's planning on doing a flash next. I guess I gave him that extra push
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