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I was cross referencing some of the bolts in the various bmw subframe and suspension area and here are some finding.

The differential housing bolts on our m3 is m12 x 1.5 x 100 full threaded, grade 10.9 part number 33176760343.

For the new F10 M5, the differential housing uses a m12 x 1.5 x 110 grade 10.9 bolt. It's not fully threaded in the diagram. Part number 07119906460.

Our M3 rear subframe bolt also is not a fully threaded bolt (based on the diagram) at m12 x ? x 110, grade 10.9. I can't confirm the thread pitch of this bolt though. Part number 33306793892.

Any one confirm that maybe we can use these bolts that are not fully thread instead? They are about 10 mm longer but that shouldn't be an issue. When I get a chance, I will swing by the dealership to confirm but if others already can get a hold of these bolts, maybe they can charm in.

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