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Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
Well I actually drive an ///M3 since fine Engineers and Designers started with a normal middle of the road 3 Series and came up after much thought and modifications test runs with the finest drivers to be found on the N-Ring with a great car called the ///M3. This car as you know comes to life only after some 50% of the components are changed out to withstand the speed and stresses a car is normally exposed to on the track. Then in addition to that they modify up to some 80% of the car before they call it a ///M3. Fine there is the ///M5 and the ///M6, both are fine as well for me the car of choice is the ///M3 it is fine the way it is for me. Might not be for others for me it just is fine as is.

I know this since I've had the good fortune to meet some of those men and woman that work on those fine cars for a living.

I drive this car for the power it has that I can call on when I need it, you see this is my third ///M3 and my first one saved my life when a truck driver fell asleep as I was overtaking him in my e46 almost 10 years ago he wired into my lane of this 2 lane mountain road and almost pushed me over the cliff.

The power of the then 333 HP engine and me leaning on the horn as I got out off the way woke him up and saved properly both our lives.

Bottom line, I drive this car for 3 reasons; A) In my book it's the top of the 3 series line B) it is a safe car and C) it has the power when I need it to get ut off harms way

They explain really well in this video why so many people want to mod their M3 to reach a higher level of performance !

from 2:39min to 3:25min !!