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Originally Posted by jonasaurus
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Downsides are the incredible amount of squeal when there isn't a layer of pad material on the discs, and yes they do dust quite a bit when they are in the abrasive temperature range. Also, they rumble over the cross drilled holes noticeably, but disappear once adhesive temperature range is achieved.
Very interesting, thanks for the feedback. Did you go through an Indy to get the pads sorted out?

How long has it been now with the pads on? I guess the question is are the discs that I've had to change out going to stand up to the pads longer than the stock ones (and ultimately as discussed with Aajami, are the stock discs the same as the ones I had changed in for them)
I got them from BMW and fitted them myself. I had them for about 1500miles then swapped them back to the standard pads to save wear on the oem discs. The performance sports pads wear out the oem discs quicker especially when in their abrasive temperature range. You would have to constantly relayer the oem discs with the sport pad material to keep disc wear and squeal to a minimum, but this is impossible on normal driving, thus my decision to swap them back to the standard pads, then swap to the performance pads for track days and my long road trips.

As to the different discs that are meant to be fitted with the sport pads, I have no idea whether they are a more resilient compound, although realoem does state that the standard discs are not to be fitted with performance parts.

There are no magic pads that will do everything without any downsides. Lots of people have 2 sets.