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Originally Posted by Tonifyd View Post
Why does anyone mod any car? Because the car to be modded is a good platform to begin with, and not all of us can afford ferraris.
I know what you mean, I just find that in North America there seams to be quite a lot of this upgrade and modification going on. Then I guess it is more so here in this forum since the ///M3 is such a suitable automobile that can take a few more refinements after all they do it at BMW with the Motorsport Team and this car is build so much stronger. A ///M3 is born only after Engineers and Designers start with a run of the mill 3 Series and then replace about 50% of the components with stronger and better ones as well as modifying up to 80% of the car to come up with a ///M3.

I know the Motorsport Team modifies cars they enter into races quite a bit more then most members modify there ///M cars here.

Who needs a Ferrari if one starts out with a nice ///M3 and adds to it if that is what one likes to do. All I am saying is the average fellow is happy with a ///M3 the way it rolls off the assembly line. Some of you fellows like to add to this so you can be even faster on the track and that is fine with me.

Originally Posted by crabman View Post
I love ya man. Your posts are usually filled with common sense and seem to come from a man who is grounded and in touch with reality. All that said you are not European. Canada is in North American and has to the best of my knowledge never been in Europe and later transported to North America. The "North Americans" you refer to who I'm assuming are citizens of the US have every bit as much or as little claim to being from a continent they are not from as a Canadian. Not that I would make any such claim. I'm a North American from the US and proud of it.
Perhaps I need to clarify why I use the term "European" and North American" You see I was born and educated in Germany then immigrated at the age of 20 to this fine part of the world that we in Europe often refer to as North America. (I will send you a PM to explain further)

Have a nice day!

Cheers, Rolf
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