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Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
I know Alex, it's just that we Europeans hardly ever mod our cars, we still have my first new e28 from 1987 (my daughter drives her on a daily basis). So we purchase what we like and need and are happy with it. The mod seams to be more a North American desire and that is fine. I guess I should have not commented in the first place ... it's just funny to me to go thru all that expense for a few fractions of a second or even a second or two.

Nevertheless, there are the exceptions and I can understand if in the end all they care about is winning

Anyway I felt it necessary to bring along more beer and popcorn since this will go on for a bit I'm sure
I love ya man. Your posts are usually filled with common sense and seem to come from a man who is grounded and in touch with reality. All that said you are not European. Canada is in North American and has to the best of my knowledge never been in Europe and later transported to North America. The "North Americans" you refer to who I'm assuming are citizens of the US have every bit as much or as little claim to being from a continent they are not from as a Canadian. Not that I would make any such claim. I'm a North American from the US and proud of it.
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