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Originally Posted by tico1028 View Post
Exactly. Damn buying a SC just to beat a C63 in a straight line? Should have just gotten a C63 if you're so worried about it.
No. I don't want a C63. I wanted a manual. I also prefer the looks of the E90

Originally Posted by IFX View Post
OP should have bought the 63. Another bites the dust. lol
Read above.

Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
I never understand the obsession with mods ... why not get the right car to begin with

Why does anyone mod any car? Because the car to be modded is a good platform to begin with, and not all of us can afford ferraris.

Originally Posted by Rekrul View Post
Buy a Z06. Rape all. That is the car to buy if you want pure power.
Then you have no luxury or rear seats.

Originally Posted by DARK_M3 View Post
I was shaking my head at first and thinking to myself "this isn't a drag racing car so wtf?" but then it occurred to me that men just have the need for speed! I do as much as the next guy.

But it also sounds like there's a couple things happening here in terms of the OP. Either he's trying to justify buying an M3 over the AMG or he's got a buddy with an AMG that keeps taking little digs at him. In the case of choosing an M3 to drive, there's always going to be faster cars so why the concern over one particular car over the other? If it's a irritating buddy, either grow some thicker skin or turn the tables and invite him to the roadcourse track.
No and no. Again, of course there will always be a car faster than mine, but why should that stop me from modding?

Originally Posted by YolkyPalky View Post
So true, spending loads of money on all these mods just so you can have the emotional satisfaction that you might be able to "beat a c63" in a drag race makes me think it was a complete waste of money for you to even buy an M3 in the first place.

No matter how fast your M3 is, stock or modded, there will always be loads of cars that can smoke it in a straight-line drag race. A drag racer is not what the M division was trying to build in their M3, if it's such a concern for you, trade yours in and be happy with a c63.
Being able to hang with a C63 in a straight line is fast, but not the fastest. That by itself deems the M3, modded to match the C63 straightline speed, NOT a drag racer. Where are you all getting the assumption of emotional satisfaction this and that? The c63 is the fastest in the straight line in the same class. That puts it at a benchmark, and I want to be able to match it or beat it. This is not because of it's the C63. If the RS5 was faster in a straight line, then I would want to match that as well. It's all about perfecting the balance of the package given.

Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post

If the rignt car for him is a car that look and handle like the M3 but that is a bit faster in a straight , would'n it make the M3 the right car to start with !!?

I think it's clear that someone who wants to go faster with his M3 is not someone who would be willing to lose his sharp handling in favor of a bit more power ! Think about it for a second and you'll understand the point of moding , you wont have to choose between power(c63) or handling(m3) , you can have both by moding a M3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The M3 in stock mode is already a great car. It could be considered as the perfectly balanced car, but some might have different preferences. In my case, everything seems perfect, but I'd like more straight line acceleration. Would I trade straight line speed of the C63, for everything else I like about the M? NO.

Originally Posted by IFX View Post
Lol, you M3 drivers keep telling yourselves that......

Obviously OP has a grudge against the C63.. Hm i wonder why? Could it be that they are so close in performance that he just HAS to beat one?

Grow some balls and slap and S/C on there and not even worry about the 63, go after bigger fish.
I suppose your car is stock, and you never modded your car's performance for your own satisfaction?
Originally Posted by baarii View Post
I raced a stock p31 with the above mods, the c didnt even pull an inch. The c63 owner is a forum member. My car's a dct

Full exhaust (catless) around 5k
Tune= 700-1000
Pulley= 350
MS intake= 300-400
Yes, the info that I was looking for, but what were the specs of the C? what year? roll? dig? track? random guy on the street?
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