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Originally Posted by Mummiez View Post
I have been invited to Nurnbergring by my BMW dealer to try out the new M3 the 18’th of November
Two days on the tracks with an instructor. Currently I own a 2006 330ix and have never set a foot in an M3 before so I have no idea what awaits me (Except for fun)
As you understand I'm seriously considering buying one, but will decide after the trip.

Has anybody got a copy or link the first reviews of the outgoing M3, could be fun to compare them with the new M3 reviews.

RE: E46 M3 --
"...But we get the feeling BMW's M division could have gone one step further. In faster bends, there's a tad too much body roll, and a safe and secure nose-led stance which won't get you into trouble. The steering could also be slightly sharper and do with more feel, while the chassis would benefit from being set up to be even tauter and more agile to combat the inertia of this 1,570 kg machine. These are all 'ifs' and 'buts', though. BMW has sought to build the ultimate all-around super coupe, and to that extent it has succeeded, as the M3 is an eminently usable everyday car despite it's fantastic performance potential. What seems to be needed is some sort of stripped-out 'RS' or 'Club Sport' pack, like Porsche offers, with less toys, less weight and more focus to tighten everything up for serious enthusiasts who may like to take their pride and joy to the odd track day or two. ..."
-- Auto Express, Previews 9/21/00

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