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Originally Posted by DARK_M3 View Post
So instead of a few chips, you want those ugly clear bra lines?
The Op doesnt want chips so he is not asking for advice on getting other mods... simply how to correct the issue he has at the moment. If the clear bra is installed properly you wont have any lines. The M3 should have the full hood covered and full fenders so you wont have a line. This forum is full of threads of propery installed clear bras... and no lines are visible.

Gatorfast; you do nto have to wait 60-90 days for the paint to cure. The rule that installers go by is 30 days unless the panel was baked. then it is good to go as soon as you pick it up. But the longest you need to wait for paint to fully cure is 30 days.

Christopher, you are lucky then. There are numerous people in here with chips after only a few hundred miles. BMW paint is very soft and chips very quickly... as the OP has already stated.

Alter, leather bras do more damage than good and are much more visible than clear bras.