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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
Well it's been over 3 mos. - have to say, really enjoying it out here.

The one issue: the curbs! Did they purposely plan it so that every curb here is 3 ft. long and at a 45 degree angle? Takes some serious manuvering getting the car down these things without whacking the front end ...

Ended up finding a nice apt. in Hancock Pk (relatively residential and sufficently far enough away from the madness that is Sunset). Also only 25 minutes-ish to work in the AM. Decided that Santa Monica was just too far.

Also: contacted Auto Talent the other day. Car is coming off warranty so figured it was a good time to start with the mods. Thinking GTS OEM wheels, tune, pulley (maybe, eh), intake, and an exhaust if I can find something that it isn't too droney / loud. That will most likely be it. Brakes, sunspension, etc. - I dunno .. gets to be a bit silly.

Haven't had the opportunity to explore some of the driving roads listed above, but will soon. Also: haven't been to a track event here yet! Need to go soon. May wait until after I finish the mods ...

What else? Everyone and his mother tries to race on the freeways here. Haha keeps things interesting ..
Nice area (Hancock park). Doesn't it feel a bit like NY? (folks w/ black hats & curls where the sideburns usually are at)

Yeah, SM a bit too far.
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