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2007 Knighthawk Black Metallic Acura RDX detail : )

Just wanted to share a little labor of love. The history on this car is that it was my father's which I inherited when he passed away this past year. It was really his beater as his daily was a 997 Carrera (present from my bro) and a 750Li. I honestly do not think it was ever waxed and it saw amazing abuse from automatic car washes. He used it for the gym, crappy winter days, etc.

This was to be my family mobile since I just had a daughter, but it's a little on the small side and, although I really like the engine, the steering is a little numb. So I upgraded to the X5 and sold this at a huge discount to my brother and sister in law. Needless to say, I just couldn't hand it over in this condition. All told, I would say I spent about 40 hours just on this part of the restoration. I had previously clayed the entire car and also done a 15 hour restoration on the interior. Like I said, the car was a mess!

Also added Aquapel to the glass, a little debadging to the back, NSX black nuts to the wheels (stock were rusted to shit and chrome), and had a custom matte black job done on the front grille to toughen it up a bit ; )

Products used for the paint restore (prob not a comprehensive list, but these are the heavy hitters):

Meguiar's Shampoo Plus
Lambswool wash mitts from Detailer's Domain
Meg's 105
Meg's 205
Porter Cable
Meg's pads - red, yellow, and black
Meg's #21 2.0 sealant
Meg's APC for wells and tires
Eimann Fabrik Tire Gel
Mother's metal polish + P21s polishing soap + steel wool on tips - these were awful...

Befores : O

Afters : )

Honestly, I was amazed how beautiful the paint on this car actually was/is...very similar to Carbon Black Metallic from BMW.

Anyway, questions or comments welcome : )

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