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Originally Posted by 1911 View Post
Its a comparison between street legal, from the factory performance vehicles. Of course they are not thoroughbred race cars. Who would want to drive that to work everyday? thats why the key word in my statement was "modified," meaning altered or changed. Had the vehicle been developed as a race car and left the same, it would not be as appealing to drive everyday. The C63 just seemed as an afterthought type performance vehicle (not the best balance between luxury and performance, to much luxury feel). The M3 is a much better balance between luxury and performance (plenty of performance with just enough luxury to make you want to drive it everyday).
The C63 is louder. The C63 has a firmer ride. Other than a nice looking interior, I would say the C63 is LESS luxury.

IMO the M3 is actually the more comfortable car to drive day to day. The C63 isn't uncomfortable by any means but the M3 is better. One thing the M3 does really well (among others) is that it can go from being very docile to a screamer... the C63 is more intense all of the time which isn't necessarily always a good thing. It's great when you want to play a bit and have fun but not as good for the days you just want to relax and cruise home.

I'm curious why you would say the C63 is more luxurious other than that would be the reputation that MB would have as a company?

P.S. I am now only ever going to post when I can put down the C63... otherwise, I'm staying quiet
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