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Originally Posted by YolkyPalky View Post
So true, spending loads of money on all these mods just so you can have the emotional satisfaction that you might be able to "beat a c63" in a drag race makes me think it was a complete waste of money for you to even buy an M3 in the first place.

No matter how fast your M3 is, stock or modded, there will always be loads of cars that can smoke it in a straight-line drag race. A drag racer is not what the M division was trying to build in their M3, if it's such a concern for you, trade yours in and be happy with a c63.
We can see that you did'nt pass too much time questionning yourself about what the OP want , he want a M3 that is as fast as a C63 in a straight line , does'nt mean he want a M3 that is as slow as a C63 in the corners !!