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Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
I never understand the obsession with mods ... why not get the right car to begin with

Anyway let's get some more this is going to be another
one of those do this do that threads and most
of us will need some more of this

If the rignt car for him is a car that look and handle like the M3 but that is a bit faster in a straight , would'n it make the M3 the right car to start with !!?

I think it's clear that someone who wants to go faster with his M3 is not someone who would be willing to lose his sharp handling in favor of a bit more power ! Think about it for a second and you'll understand the point of moding , you wont have to choose between power(c63) or handling(m3) , you can have both by moding a M3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!