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Originally Posted by HoOdRiCh///M3 View Post
Yes it is a sad post, because it sounds like people only buy where the popular market is! So far the customer service has completely amazed me! so I can only imagine what my wheels will look like! TOP NOTCH (HOPEFULLY)!!
It seems there are people on this site who feel their opinion of wheels is what you must buy. The fact that someone calls these wheels inferior to another wheel without ever owning a set is just stupid.

As for the customer service that is top notch that is why nobody is commenting it appears people only want to comment negatively about wheels other than a couple companies.

I'd like to see any of the "big companies" send you pics of your wheels being made.

Did you get chrome fastners or black?

Congratulations on your purchase with the warm weather you can get them on as soon as you get them. Looking forward to pics.