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Originally Posted by elh0102 View Post
Agree with above. I recently bought a used Porsche Cayman S with the clear bra covering, but I would never pay for it myself. I see it as just improving the car for the next owner. You will get no more for the car on resale or trade, assuming good maintenance.
Not true. When you trade in or resale your car the value will be greatly increased if the paint is pristine compared to if it is all chipped up. Would you rather buy a beat up car or one that looks new??? You bought one with a clear bra (and it benefitted you) so I am assuming the later. If the paint is perfect the dealer does not have to repsray the car for resale. That lowers their cost and gives you more room to talk them down. Also if a car has been resprayed the next owner automatically assumes the worst and will think the vehicle was wrecked. I see it all the time as I work for numerous dealerships in the area.