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All bs about companies aside. These failures are rare and could happen to anyone because of the processes involved with making the raw materials. I have bent, broke, and mounted and balanced many wheels. And would trust me and my family's life on forged wheels made from components from either of the 2 manufacturers mentioned.

I also respect the fact they use American made products to manufacture these wheels that means it keeps jobs here in the country. How many products can we as a country say we export to Taiwan and other countries that are 100% American made. Just think how many jobs are created by ADV1 and HRE outside of there respective plants. tires, shipping, dealers, and on down the food chain all the way to the babysitters of the employees kids. If your in Miami I will guarantee that you know a business that gets money because of ADV1 and even more in California where their wheels are produced along with HRE and the raw material suppliers.

People would maybe think twice about bad mouthing a worldwide company on the worldwide web if it affected their job. Even though people here have no issue trashing a company whom they have never done business with. Even people who were former customers at 360 have not done business with this company so they have no room to bad mouth.

All the while you support companies who make their wheels outside of the country because they are cheaper yeah they still get shipped and dealers etc but not as much goes back into the country that we live in.

I think everybody here should think about these things and realize it could be their job or business people are trashing and putting their job at risk.