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What that official release doesn't tell you-

The Welt puts on special events regularly. On Sundays they usually have family days with special things for kids. They also do regular "performances" of cars/motorcycles- I've seen the M3 GT4 do power slides in there!

They have BMW Classic give rides in that Blue Isetta from the photo gallery. It is great fun. They even have holiday parties and music events. Most are free but some require tickets. Carnival was a hoot!

Having done Euro delivery four times I can say it is a treat but now that I am here we try to get to the Welt at least once every month or so just to see what has changed.

One of the happiest moments I had recently was watching my wife and son take a spin in that Isetta- it was a great thing.

Here is the calendar:

Today is Family Sunday and a World Record Juggling attempt!