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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post

Now, before anybody says I'm on the "hater bandwagon"... I'm not, I don't own a set of their wheels, don't know anybody who had their wheels, and for the record... I do really like their styling and design.

But since this forum is used to sell expensive mods, and although the buyer should always do their own independent research, I find it absolutely unacceptable and dangerous if a vendor misinforms, and lies about certification.

Here is a quote from Matt that is completely false.

After asking to provide the TUV certificate... they provided this joke:

It was then pointed out that this is NOT a TUV certificate... and again, some bullshit was made up... "oh.. we filed, and it is pending"/

Again, I don't give two shits about how you handle costumer service, or how much you advertise here, but if this would be my site, and I'd catch you lying about stuff like that - I'd kick you out.

There is just no way you can spin this as me being a hater, etc... I posted quotes from Matt about their wheels being TUV certified (to improve sales), and his statement was a straight up lie - unless they are completely clueless on how the TUV certification works... which I seriously doubt.
I know you're a lover and not a hater : ) That is apparent, because this is a well written and very specific post.

I followed that other thread, and I agree that it is ugly. However, I was not able to make the jump to calling them liars; but that is just me. To me it looked like a new guy with the company (Matt ~6 months) walking into a mine field without knowing exactly what he was talking about. It also looks like they jumped the gun on their marketing with regard to certification. This isn't acceptable either, but I can appreciate the possibility of this being the truth as opposed to just assuming he was attempting to deceive all of us. It is not as though they have not been actively working with TUV for certification.

Also, and the TUV system is fairly confusing to me, but my understanding is that the certificate they showed confirms that the sample was received for testing, but it was difficult for me to understand if it certifies anything beyond that. I agree that what was posted is NOT a TUV approval and absolutely should not be portrayed as such.

I agree that the certification issue requires additional clarification from ADV.1.