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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Your analog is flawed... you need to look at cause and effect.

Here are the facts:

ADV.1 claimed... and I quote: "We are TUV certified as well."

Another poster asked for proof.

ADV.1 posted a photo of a bogus TUV certificate.

Another poster pointed out that this is *NOT* a TUV certificate. Highlighting the fact that ADV.1 is feeding this forum deliberately BS.

ADV.1 then explained then that they are *NOT* certified yet... Here is Matt's quote: "Guys we have no control over how quickly the documents are processed at TUV. It's not exactly a small operation over there but our paperwork has been filed, we're just waiting to have it processed and sent back."

Yet, they advertised that they are and flat out told members of this forum.

There is nothing anybody can say or spin to make this be OK.

This has nothing to do with hating on ADV.1. Any vendor who would lie like this would be in hot waters on this or any other forum.

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