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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post

I guess I am still dwelling on the same question. Do you see any SQ based justification for getting the HD over the PDX? The other way around? I do kind of like the idea of plugs but they're not worth paying THAT much more.

From what I have read so far, the only issue is the 2 ohm volume levels, which should be easily fixable by reducing gain sensitivity using the MS-8 hidden test menu to level match.


To be honest with you, I always go with the less expensive solution if the difference in quality is insignificant to me. I never considered the HD amps any better than the old PDX just because of the price -sometimes priced at twice the cost of a comparable PDX. The new PDX apparently solved all the nagging issues (mostly noise) of the old version and then improved in many others (even better heat resistance) so to me there is no reason for getting the HD amps over the new PDX if price is the priority.

However, I do not like to give opinion of what sounds better than the other as each person takes car audio very differently. I'm perfectly happy with a $140 DLS component set, but others must have a set of Exotars or they go insane. The same applies to the HD and the PDX...