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Originally Posted by ward View Post
I find it really hard to belive that hiring a lawyer would be cheaper or any more effective than just taking your lumps and going to traffic school
Generally, the ticket will evaporate 100%. It's as if it never happened. This is why I'll hire a traffic attorney. They can sometimes be miracle workers.

When "LAW Enforcement" is much more akin to "Revenue Generation?" I'd much rather protect my own interests in the long run...

Even at $1000 you could be saving money over the next few years depending on your driving record, Insurance company etc.

I am not speaking hypothetically. I have a "Perfect" driving record, 3 tickets over the last 5 years. All of them evaporated 2 of them dismissed outright, one traffic school that has since fallen from my record. Simply put 90% of the LEO's out there writing tickets do NOT follow the letter of the law. There is a lot of wiggle room assuming you weren't doing anything too stupid, IE Construction Zone, DUI, etc...

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