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Originally Posted by db71 View Post
I have read the thread in the past. I personally feel they caused themselves a lot of uneaded grief by posting that. It obviously appears that it may have been a stretch.

If anyone feels I am defending adv1 I am not. But I am not gonna jump on the hater bandwagon as lots of wheel companies post bs and don't confirm or deny.

Example a wheel company says they are TUV certified that does not mean that every wheel they manufacture has been tested it means their management process is certified. Even when the company says "certain styles are tested for sale in TUV countries". People say oh every wheel they sell is TUV tested

So to answer your question no most wheels are not sae tested exactly as made the company maybe test one diameter and one width and one offset.

Now a low volume company which only makes a handful of sizes and widths and styles can do testing on all wheels economically.

Now these tests no matter what are performed with recommended tire size which the lowest sidewall is 35 series anything lower than that and you are outside of any test and "for show only"
u're bein too critical man. ofcourse wheel companies can't test all the wheels,
it costs way too much 2 do n most of 'em woulda been bankrupt a while ago in doin so.

long story short; i don't trust adv bc they lied bout havin tuv when in actuality they weren't registered w/ them @ the time.

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