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Originally Posted by talontid View Post
Ok guys, he wins^.. Obviously can't tell him anything. to the other poster, yes my car is fully catless, and I used a 90 degree fouler. Also if needed I have 02 antifoulers that can also be used to pull the 02 sensor out of the stream even further if need be. As the other guy stated, even though he has HFC, he got a cel, playd with the 02 extenders and got it to work.. Reagardless if you have cats or not, a CEL for cat inefficiences is what it is.. If you can alter the signal read by the ECU you should be good to go.
What dont you get? This isnt a competition or an argument. You have yet to list what x pipe you have and what mechanical 02 delete you are using. I can report the fabspeed extenders didnt work in the dinan mid pipe and didnt work in the RPI x pipe. Its to the point where i'm willing to make a serious bet with you that there is something else going on.