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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
There is no pre-made solution for mechanical extenders that works on all catless systems. There is nothing magic about this setup. We are just talking about manipulating the rear O2 extended position until the signal is right. So calling this guy a liar, when he has zero to gain, seems pretty illogical to me.

It doesn't matter if you have HFCs or not, Fabspeed had to do the exact same thing - experiment until they got the right length/angle/etc.
that's just it, it's a mechanical fix, so there is no science/black magic to make it work, it just does. And your right, sometimes I have seen a regular smaller 02 extender not work. It does take a certain length/angle to make the signal read correct to not draw a CEL. I found that the auto parts help section anti-foulers drilled out will pull it out even further (in smaller increments) if needs be, but I just have the reg 90 degree ones and they seem to work.
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