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Originally Posted by Revlis View Post
I think we need a graduated licensing system.

A- Under 21
B- Over 21 STANDARD License

O- OVER 21 Open Unrestricted... <----- Something like this after proving that vehicle and tires are up to spec, the driver has completed X amount of Professional drivers training, (At their Expense) and paying $1k a year in use tax or something then the driver and his vehicle(s) would be allowed unrestricted or Elevated speed limits depending on location and road restrictions. SO, speed limit signs would read:

+25 next 15 miles

Something like this would allow folks who are serious about driving, responsible enough to know when and where to set a SAFE and Prudent LIMIT in certain areas out in the sticks. In busier area there would be adjusted limits as noted about. +15 +20 Etc... Could work...

Oh and Speeding shithead Soccer Moms in SUVs or anyone else speeding 10+ over in an SUV Get a double Fine and points. Dumbshits in the Escalades and Tahoes at 85 need to get a freaking clue as to the stopping distances and piss poor handling of their rolling Cliche's.


Special Licenses required for all Trucks and SUVs... Cut down on the stupid shit maybe.
Originally Posted by The Cleaner View Post
I love that idea but it has one problem. Our highways are not designed to handle traffic that is moving at such significantly different speeds, it would likely cause more traffic and lane changes.
True it would take some planning to make it work, and as others have mentioned so many of our highways are such complete garbage as to make triple digits hazardous all on their own.

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