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Originally Posted by MadDog View Post
He was doing 90 in a 65 zone. How is that considered a "reasonable speed" ??
He didn't say he was going 90. The cop claimed he was going 90. He said:

Originally Posted by Enkur View Post

I honestly dont know how fast I was going but by the time I saw the cop with the lights in the rear view mirror and look down I was going about 75.
I used to think fighting a speeding ticket wasn't worth it until I finally did ... and it was worth it.

In my state, the court generally lowers the fine and points a bit if you show up with a lawyer. I'm generally pretty discreet about my speeding (never will I buy a red car again!) use a V-1 and I've earned one ticket in the last 10 years. I have no points at this time.

But I'd still fight it.