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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
Good Nikon lenses are just as good as the L lenses from Canon, imo. The only areas I believe Canon has them beat is with their tilt-shift lenses and their super-telephotos.
Nikon makes great lenses. In some areas like wide angles zooms they surpass the Canon equivalents. But Canon just has a broader range of lenses available.

I shoot with a 300/4IS all the time: no Nikon equivalent.
I shoot with a 65mm MP-E all the time: no Nikon equivalent.
and I hope to get one of the wide TS-Es sometime soon: no Nikon equivalent.

I also shoot a lot with the 24/1.4II and 500/4IS, both of which Canon has had for years and the equivalents of which Nikon has only started to produce in the last few years.

Canon has definitely forced Nikon to up their lens diversity game recently, but Canon still has a distinct edge.