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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
I wouldn't shoot a person, generally, with a wide angle, but many of my buildings and scenics are at 24mm, like below:

I'm seriously considering a 16-35mm or an 8-15mm, for certain situations. Interestingly, for multi-shot panos, I'm more likely to use my 70-200mm at 70mm.

I love my 16-35L it is probably attached to my 5DmkII about 95% of the time. I don't find the distortion to be too extreme at 16, it's definitely an improvement on the distortion that the 17-40mm produces, which I could never get used to. Which is why I exchanged it for the 16-35. Since I picked it up, I generally don't use my 24-70 unless I plan to shoot people, but when I do that, I'm more likely to use my 100mm prime. It just feels more right in the hand. And I don't find myself wondering where the zoom is.

I wish I could comment on the 8-15mm, I really want to try it out some day. It appears to be a very neat lens.