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Originally Posted by Raptor251 View Post
Get one with Nav though unless its a straight track b*tch! It just dresses up the interior nicely, especially when you go with the clean all black/carbon leather!
Originally Posted by TTSam View Post need to get nav as it is terrific in giving feedback on the car functions and various settings.

However - I agree the look of the interior is very clean without Nav. You can always slap a Nuvi unit on the seat which does a far better Nav job than BMW any time.

I hope the next generation M3 does not have the horrible Nav on the new 3 series.
Thanks guys. I know you're trying to help me ensure I don't regret my choice.

Originally Posted by ottoblotto View Post
Julie could probably show you guys a thing or two about our cars... She knows her shit, probably the best researcher of us all...
Lol, thanks ottoblotto. It's funny, that's what my CA told the Sales Manager and the GM too.

Not long ago, I was at the dealership but my CA wasn't there. So a salesperson I've never met before walks up to me and asks if I've been served. I reply, "Oh, thanks. Yes, I've already been served. I've actually already bought a car. "

Him: "No, you didn't buy a car."

Me: "Huh?? I didn't buy a car...?"

Him: "No. You bought a phenomenal machine, a true sports car. You bought an M3, that's not just a car." When I asks him how he knows, he replies he's heard about me...

Guess it might be because not too many women come into the dealership saying, "I want one of the last V8s..... semi-stripped but with the competition package please."
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