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Originally Posted by bobbo View Post
What was the reason you wanted to switch? Was the cayman underpowered?
Not at all.

I put my M3 deposit down when I still had my S4, thinking that I'd keep the Audi until BMW's release. Last November a friend of mine offered me a really good price to take the S4 off my hands so I took the cash and on the same day, whilst pondering what to drive for the next 12 months I tripped and fell in to a Porsche dealership.

One test drive and a huge grin later, I was the proud owner of an ex-demo Cayman S. I've always wanted an M3 so my initial plan was to keep the CS for a year and then swap it for the more powerful, more practical (I have 2 kids) BMW however, the fact that the CS has given me so much joy coupled with the mixed reviews of the M3 have made me decide to keep the CS.

A huge shame considering I've just been told I can have September delivery!