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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
I'm a customer service snob and I really like this response.

-Our fault
-We could have handled it better
-Here is everything we know about the failure
-We will do anything to make it right at a financial loss to our company

Hopefully the ADV1 hate squad will not drop a transmission on my door step now.
Originally Posted by MatthewDavid View Post
I had to read Jordan's response twice, as I was pleasantly surprised. Though I think ADV's PR sensibility is lacking, in my opinion, this response is finally what people want from the company; honesty, transparency, humility, and professionalism. Jordan et al, if you handle all the situations publicly like this, then perhaps there's hope for your company's image.

Matt, take note of how your boss laid it out. And stop saying things like "Period. End of story". When has that ever worked for you? This thread is 11 pages long. Ha
+1 completely agree, imo that was the 1st EVER respectful response they've made.
why didn't Jordan jus step in from the get-go?

Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
Bottom line
If you don't like/trust the ADV designer
And you think their quality sucks
Just buy something else
Are you forced to buy their products?
Take your hard earned money elsewhere

It's very obvious that a few people on this thread have a bone to pick with ADV and have shown zero objectivity

They have already offered to give him a full refund AFTER his warranty expired AND he gets to keep the wheels
What more do you want??

My feeling is those very same people don't want the issue resolved and just want to feel like tough guys behind their keyboards
well said!
my main issue w/ them is on the whole tuv cert debacle, they still have nothin 2 show 4 it... imo they lied, plain n simple.
b4 that, i used 2 back them up all the time from the haters n nay sayers. now i'm 1 of 'em until they can prove me wrong.
n i had a gut feelin that if/when they hav a wheel failure, this outcry was bound 2 happen.

@ ADV.1 Matt: r ur wheels even sae-j2530?? if so, do u hav proof?

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