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Originally Posted by MatthewDavid View Post
I had to read Jordan's response twice, as I was pleasantly surprised. Though I think ADV's PR sensibility is lacking, in my opinion, this response is finally what people want from the company; honesty, transparency, humility, and professionalism. Jordan et al, if you handle all the situations publicly like this, then perhaps there's hope for your company's image.

Matt, take note of how your boss laid it out. And stop saying things like "Period. End of story". When has that ever worked for you? This thread is 11 pages long. Ha
MatthewDavid - I am certainly going to try and take note of this moving forward. I apologize if I was argumentative.

Eguene - If you have problems or want updates you should by now have Jordan's direct line. If you don't PM me and i'll get it to you.