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Originally Posted by slo_guy View Post
What was up with Lori getting mad at Rick for killing Shane? I don't understand! Was she mad Rick killed him or was she mad that Carl did? If my wife got mad, after Shane tried to kill me a few times and take my family, I would've put a round in her head too.
On the "Talking Dead" show that aired right after the finale...they said she was more mad at her self for causing all this. Rick took it the wrong way and went in to beast mode..its a Rickocracy now!
My favorite part was at the end when Carol was standing there next to Rick right after talkin all that crap about him to Daryl, and Rick says all that he says about whoever wants to leave can. Haha, it looked Carol was about to cry, shut her stupid useless ass up quick. She had this look on her face:

Next season should be really good...Marazza and Kirkman said next season is gonna be more like the finale than anything else. So hopefully its more of a thriller than spending 5 episodes wondering where Sophia is..and another 5 trying to figure out what to do with Randall.

Also, as far a Michonne goes, she is not super human..or anything like that, she is a regular person. Im sure they will explain it in the show.
During the break, you all should read the comics...the show isnt gonna be exactly like the comic anyway, but it would be more fun for you, being able to guess what direction they are gonna go with certain situations..I enjoy it.